November Gathering – November 15th, 2015

For our November meeting of the Bloomington Pipers Society, we are pleased to present two of the members of the Bloomington European folk group Daily Bread and Butter – Clancy Clements and Svetla Vladeva. The third member, Tomas Lozano, who plays hurdy gurdy was unable to make it. Daily Bread & Butter performs a variety of European traditional dance music, with Clancy Clements on a variety of bagpipes and whistles, and Svetla Vladeva on the accordion. This month we are hosting Clancy and Svetla.

Clancy has performed at several of our gatherings in the past, including our first one in January 2015 with Tomas Lozano, seen pictured above. This will be Svetla’s first appearance at the Bloomington Pipers Society.

Sunday, November 15th
4:00PM to 6:00PM
800 N Indiana Avenue, Bloomington, IN

This is Indiana University property, so parking can be fun and exciting. If you have an IU parking permit, you probably already know the rules. If you do not have an IU parking permit, please park on one of the street spots or in one of the five spots in the parking lot marked ST.

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