December Gathering – December 20th, 2015

Keith Jeffers pipes

For our December gathering, we are pleased to present Keith Jeffers, a piper and bagpipe maker living in Evansville, Indiana. He will be presenting his craft at the gathering this month, giving pipers and the public the opportunity to speak with someone who makes pipes, and see the steps an instrument goes through from billet of wood to the magnificent instrument all are familiar with.

Keith has visited the piper’s society before, and has assisted pipers in the Bloomington area to fix damaged instruments. For the past several years, he has also been developing drone reeds of various materials and designs. The Society is honored to host him.

This month’s featured piobaireachd will be performed by Jacob Schrader. He will play the piobaireachd The Lament for Donald of Laggen.

Non-IU parking in blue

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