January Gathering – January 7th, 2018

Happy New Year!

This month we will be continuing our BPS 2018 Set Tunes walkthrough in the first hour. We’ll recap the December 2017 tunes quickly, then dive into January’s tunes – the short jig Rocking the Baby, and the 4/4 march Dawning of the Day.

In the second hour we will kick off the new year with free play sessions for local and regional bagpipers. Do you have a tune you’d like others to take a listen to, a set of bagpipes you think other pipers would be interested in, or some difficulty with some reeds? Bring your pipes out and join us!

We’re continuing our membership drive! Sign up sheets for BPS membership will be available, and we are currently finalizing layout and design for the new BPS tune books. Check, cash, and PayPal is accepted. Individual memberships are $25 per year, and Family memberships are $40 per year. Please see our Membership page for more details.

Come out and celebrate the start of the Pipers’ Society’s 3rd year!

  • St. Thomas Lutheran Church
  • 3800 E 3rd Street (corner of east 3rd and Smith Road)
    • Enter through the west end doors
  • Sunday, January 7th
  • 4:00 – 6:00pm

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