June 7, 2019 Meet Notes

The second half of the evening featured session tunes.

Summer is in full swing in Bloomington, Indiana, and that means the Bloomington Pipers’ Society is outside on the patio of the Runcible Spoon! Five musicians – one piper, one chanter learner, two drummers, and a guitarist came out, alongside some enthusiastic audience members to enjoy some tunes on a lovely sunny day in the low-80s. All in all, 8 diners watched, while folks inside listened, and passerbys hung around throughout the night to listen to some pipes, drums, and guitar.

In the first part of the evening piper Angus broke out the big pipes and played a few sets spaced out across the first hour – mainly upbeat dance tunes, but also tunes including “Hector the Hero” and a set of 4/4 Marches for a visitor on a trip through Bloomington from Portland, Oregon to New York City. Bodhran players Jeanie and Lois accompanied Angus on all sets on the big pipes. Angus and Joe demonstrated the practice chanter to some curious guests. Closing out for the last half hour of music, all performers played together on smallpipes and other instruments while guests had dinner.

The next Pub Night will be held on July 12, 2019 at 6PM. They are held until 8PM. Some full sized drums may be in attendance, along with pipers. The evening will be mostly the same format – bigger and louder instruments early on, and winding down to smallpipes and session instruments later in the evening.

If you’re a piper and interested in coming out, take a look at our set tunes list for suggested tunes to bring to play along!

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