October 4 Pub Night Recap

BPS October 2019 Musicians. Photo by Shelby Fletcher

On October 4 the Pipers’ Society hosted what is likely to be its last outdoor pub night of 2019, as winter weather is sure to start rolling in by November. The weather for this meet was perfect, starting in the low 70s and dropping into the 60s as the evening wore on.

The Pub Night featured 12 musicians – 7 bagpipes, 2 tenor drummers, and 3 chanter learners – one of our largest turnouts of pipers to date. The group also featured gender parity – 6 of he musicians present were women. In all, one piper joined a large ensemble for the first time today, two joined their first Pipers’ Society meeting, and one made their performance debut of any type on the chanter today.

Performances ranged from piping duets to full ensembles, as well as smallpipe performances, Galician gaita, practice chanter, and border shepherd pipes, most accompanied by tenor drum.

With the end of the year coming, chances are good that this was our last outdoor pub night. We’ll be back next month regardless on November 8 – if the nights are too cold, we’ll be on our quieter smallpipes! We hope to see you then.

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