November 8 Pub Night at Runcible Spoon!

The June 2019 Pub Night

The Pipers’ Society is back for its monthly pub night on November 8!

At 6PM we’ll be taking over the Runcible Spoon for a bit of piping. Bring friends and family to enjoy the evening with us, and an appetite for the food and drink the Spoon provides! If you’re a piper, we have a basic list of tunes you can prepare so you can play along – email us at for that list. We welcome musicians of all stripes to come by and see what we can do to play together. The pipers are always up for a bit of a challenge!

If the weather proves too chilly to be outside on the patio, we’ll be in the Spoon’s front room on smallpipes and quieter instruments.

Bring your friends to enjoy some good music!

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