Set Tunes

The Bloomington Pipers’ Society maintains a list of Set Tunes for those looking to drop in and out of our events. The Set Tunes are tunes which are common among the local bands and competitive organizations, plus a few that Society members have collectively settled on.

The official settings of the Bloomington Pipers’ Society are available to members, but all of the tunes in the list are common tunes.

Amazing Grace
Skye Boat Song
Highland Laddie (2/4 March)
Barren Rocks of Aden (2/4 March)
High Road to Gairloch (2/4 March)
Mairi’s Wedding (2/4 March)
Green Hills of Tyrol (3/4 March)
Battle’s O’er (3/4 March)
Balmoral (3/4 March)
Scotland the Brave (4/4 March)
Rowan Tree (4/4 March)
Wings (4/4 March)


Bonnie Dundee (6/8 March)
Glendaruel Highlanders (6/8 March)
Battle of the Somme (9/8 March)
Heights of Dargai (9/8 March)
Paddy’s Leather Breeches
Glasgow City Police Pipers
Drops of Brandy
Paddy Be Easy
Loudon’s Bonnie Woods & Braes (Strathspey)
Aspen Bank (Strathspey)
The Piper of Drummond (Reel)
Jock Wilson’s Ball (Reel)

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